Babel Present Jam

Year 2018-Present
Technology Node.js, Babel 7
Categories JavaScript

Project Goal

The Babel Preset Jam project aims to provide a comprehensive preset for Babel 7, incorporating all official proposed plugins. It offers developers an easy way to set up Babel with the latest plugins, ensuring compatibility and improved support for modern JavaScript syntax.

This project showcases my expertise in Node.js and Babel, demonstrating my ability to create practical tools that enhance developer workflows and facilitate the adoption of new language features.

Project Result

The Babel Preset Jam project has gained popularity within the developer community and has become a valuable resource for projects utilizing Babel 7. Its continuous improvement and alignment with official plugins reflect my commitment to providing reliable and up-to-date development tools.

By actively maintaining and contributing to this project, I continue to showcase my expertise in Node.js and Babel, as well as my dedication to supporting the broader developer community.