Hello, my name is

Clay Risser

I am a DevOps Engineer

proficient with Linux, Kubernetes and Terraform

Clay Risser
  • 10 + Years of Experience
  • 400 + Open Source Projects

Professional Services

my Expertise
Cloud Services
Cloud Infrastructure

Managing cloud resources across AWS, Azure and GCE, ensuring service scalability, high availability, and efficient cost management.

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Database Services
Database Management

Handling database systems like Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, focusing on backups, high availability, replication, and Kubernetes integration.

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Kubernetes & Docker
Container Orchestration

Building, publishing, managing Docker containers, and orchestrating services using Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Helm for high-availability and redundancy.

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Security and Authentication

Implementing secure authentication and authorization protocols with OpenID, OAuth 2.0 and SAML, utilizing Keycloak for identity management.

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Terraform, Bash
Infrastructure as Code

Utilizing Terraform for managing complex applications and infrastructure, alongside Bash scripting for automation and server administration.

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Professional Skills

my Talent

My Linux expertise spans RedHat, Debian, and Alpine. Beyond administration, I've built custom Debian packages, embodying deep system architecture understanding.

95 %

I've orchestrated cloud infrastructure on AWS with services like EC2, S3, and Lambda, ensuring optimal infrastructure management, cost efficiency, and automation.

90 %

Using OpenID and OAuth 2.0, I've built secure authentication and authorization protocols. Keycloak was a central tool in these identity management tasks.

85 %

I've managed Postgres databases, focusing on backups, high availability and replication. I have also deployed Postgres within Kubernetes environments using Percona.

90 %

I've used Docker to build, publish, and manage containers in production environments, also leveraging Podman, Buildah, and docker-compose for orchestration.

95 %

I've used Terraform for Infrastructure as Code, managing complex applications and Kops clusters, ensuring robust scalability for Kubernetes workloads.

80 %

I've managed extensive cloud resources, ensuring service scalability and high availability. This includes leveraging AKS for effective orchestration and cluster management.

80 %

By integrating SAML and Keycloak, I've delivered secure single sign-on solutions, federated identity management, and implemented banking-grade authentication.

70 %

Using Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Helm, I've orchestrated applications, ensured high-availability and redundancy across clusters, and managed Helm and Kustomize deployments.

95 %

Python has been a cornerstone in my backend development, scripting, data analysis, and machine learning tasks, emphasizing my deep understanding of its applications.

90 %

Within Google Compute Engine, I've skillfully managed virtual machines and resource allocation, ensuring effective cost efficiency. I've also used GKE to manage Kubernetes.

70 %

I've ensured MongoDB's data consistency, horizontal scaling through sharding, replication, backups, and running it on Kubernetes with Percona.

70 %


my Cases
Machine Learning
6 Line Neural Net

The smallest neural network, loosely based on iamtrask's 11 line neural net.

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Adaptive Resilient Software

Building software that can adapt and recover from transitions effectively.

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Alexa Demo

A project for alexa-demo.

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Any DB

Run any database.

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Auth Code Redirect

Auth authorization code grant redirect server.

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Babel Present Jam

All official proposed plugins for Babel 7.

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An extensive collection of helm charts for Kubernetes, demonstrating deep knowledge and experience.

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Cors Server

A Dockerfile to test CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

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Create React Renderer

Learn to build a custom React renderer.

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DB Dump Restore

Scripts for dumping and restoring data from databases.

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My dotfiles - enjoy!

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Manage dotfiles with Git and Stow.

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my Story
Knowledge Foundation
Computer Science Studies
Bob Jones University
2014 - 2016

Built a strong foundation in various technology domains and programming languages through comprehensive coursework and projects.

Open Source Contributions

Developed over 400 open source projects, enhancing various aspects of the software development process. Key projects include 'Charts', 'Kustomize Operator', 'React GTK', 'React AST', and 'Idempotent Babel Polyfill'.

Self-guided Learning

Continuously advancing my skills through self-directed learning, and applying my knowledge to real-world challenges. My focus is on understanding the latest industry trends and technology shifts, enabling me to provide effective and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Community Participation

Active participant in various tech communities and forums, sharing knowledge and learning from peers.

Lead DevOps Engineer
QuickCam LLC
June 2021 - May 2023

As a lead DevOps engineer, I've worked on various deployments, designing, implementing, and maintaining robust DevOps solutions. These solutions include CI/CD pipelines, container orchestration with Kubernetes, cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, as well as data management with different databases like Postgres and MongoDB.

Lead DevOps Engineer
Nueve Solutions, Austin, TX
2018 - June 2021

In my role at Nueve Solutions, I played a key role in shaping the company's DevOps journey. I built and maintained a private company intranet on Kubernetes, introduced modern CI/CD pipelines and containerization with Docker. I led architectural decision-making for several large-scale projects, notably for clients in the banking industry such as Q2, Experian, Stanford Federal Credit Union and Wise (formerly TransferWise). An important part of my role involved implementing secure authentication solutions, particularly with SAML.

Software Engineer
General Motors, Austin, TX
2017 - 2018

At General Motors, I improved existing build systems, developed new features, and wrote unit tests to increase code coverage. I attended daily standups and worked on fixing bugs and optimizing code.

Lead DevOps Engineer
GroupThreads, Austin, TX
2016 - 2017

I scaled the platform by migrating it to Docker and Kubernetes, managed development and production environments, and trained and interviewed interns. I also developed new features using NodeJS, Express, Angular and React, and migrated the OneGreek social network platform after an acquisition.

Software Developer
2012 - 2016

Beginning my journey in the tech industry, I worked on freelance software projects, explored open-source contributions, and began cultivating foundational programming and DevOps skills.


Latest Blog

my Articles and Advice
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December 17, 2012
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When it comes to designing a user interface, choosing the right colors is an important aspect to consider. A well-designed color palette can help to create a cohesive and visually appealing user experience, while a poorly chosen color scheme can be confusing and difficult to use. …


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