NestJs Crud Prisma

Year 2020-Present
Technology NestJS, Prisma
Categories React

Project Goal

The nestjs-crud-prisma project aims to provide a convenient and efficient way to develop RESTful APIs using NestJS and Prisma. It offers a CRUD library that simplifies the creation of CRUD endpoints and integrates seamlessly with Prisma for data access and manipulation.

By utilizing this library, I demonstrate my proficiency in NestJS and Prisma and showcase my ability to build robust and scalable backend applications.

Project Result

The nestjs-crud-prisma project has proven to be a valuable tool for developers building RESTful APIs with NestJS and Prisma. It provides a consistent and intuitive approach to handling CRUD operations, reducing development time and effort.

This project contributes to my portfolio of backend development projects, showcasing my expertise in using NestJS and Prisma to create efficient and scalable APIs.