Prisma Apollo Example

Year 2019-Present
Technology Prisma, Apollo, Photon
Categories DevOps

Project Goal

The Prisma Apollo Example project was created to demonstrate the integration of Prisma as an Apollo datasource. The project aims to provide a practical example of how these technologies can be combined to develop efficient and scalable applications.

This project exhibits my proficiency in working with modern technologies like Prisma, Apollo, and Photon, and my dedication to contributing valuable resources to the developer community.

Project Result

The Prisma Apollo Example project has been well-received by developers looking to understand the integration of Prisma with Apollo. It provides a hands-on, practical example that demonstrates how these technologies can be effectively combined to build scalable applications.

By actively maintaining and expanding this project, I continue to showcase my expertise in modern development technologies and my commitment to creating resources that help developers improve their skills.